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Apple ][ Sounds

Apple2-Bach.mp3 An upbeat Ave Maria with subtle changes in timbre. Programmer unknown.
Apple2-Celeste.mp3 Celeste Music Demo (by Leo Christopherson?), one of the earliest music programs on the Apple ][ as well as the Trash-80. Remarkable beating effect here by superimposing two voices with slight frequency shift. It still sounds stunning even today. I have no idea what the tune is.
Apple2-Sonata.mp3 Sonata from Electric Duet by Paul Lutus. Electric Duet was a hugely popular music composition system for the Apple ][ which generates, as the name suggests, two voices, without additional hardware. A remarkable break-through in programming in its day.
Apple2-Willy.mp3 A perky William Tell Overture and a favourite among the denizens of the school's computer room. Programmer unknown.

Apple ][ Videos

Beyond Castle Wolfenstein (Muse 1984)
"Holt! Come 'n' see! Owzewize!" One of the coolest games ever on the Apple ][ and a fave of mine that still cracks me up after all these years. This is the sequel to the groundbreaking Castle Wolfenstein, with digitised speech using the engine from Muse's The Voice. This time you can actually interact with the guards, who demand a pass in guttural, mangled German (with convenient subtitles) as you roam from room to room. Note the use of the dagger in the video to "silently" kill off a guard without the others noticing and triggering the alarm! (Didn't somebody just yell "AAIIIIEEE"?) The video ends just outside Dolf Baby's conference room with him pacing up and down and heiling a lot while his advisors heil back! Several years later Id recycled the theme as a popular 3D ego-shooter on the PC.
bug attack
Bug Attack (Cavalier Computer 1981)
A Centipede knockoff which pits you up against ants, butterflies, and other creepy-crawlies dropping daggers or bananas (it's hard to tell) on you. The action is accompanied, oddly enough, by a grotesque rendition of When Johnny Comes Marching Home. This game probably has the most obnoxious sound ever on the Apple ][. Hear for yourself...
Choplifter (Br0derbund 1982)
Rescue the hostages with your huey while avoiding tanks and jets! A smash hit from '82 by the great Br0derbund label. Love those little guys running around and waving. Incidentally, a high-pitched blip signals one of them got wiped out in the crossfire...
creepy corridors
Creepy Corridors (Sierra On-Line 1981)
A typical (except for the fact you can shoot) labyrinth 'n' monsters type game whose sole distinction is probably the coolest digitised scream ever heard on the Apple ][ ("YEEEAAAARRRGHH!"), and quite a novelty for 1981. Needless to say, this used to drive people up the wall in the computer room.
Drol (Br0derbund 1983)
A platform type game featuring a jetpacked robot on a mission (which I've never really comprehended) shooting ice cubes (?) while being assaulted by bug-eyed, hopping scorpions, frogs in nappies and baby bonnets (???), and spitting sea horsies! Oh, and there's also magnets, daggers, arrows, axes and other nasty flying objects that get in its way. A strange game but with excellent graphics, cute characters, and humorous undertones. It has one of the coolest transition effects between levels I've ever seen.
Repton (Sirius 1983)
A Defender-style game in which you protect a city from alien invaders (as usual) and prevent them stealing your power and building a base right on your home turf. Repton is noteworthy due its unusual complexity for an Apple ][ game, and quite difficult as well.
star blazer
Star Blazer (Br0derbund 1982)

Yet another smash hit from Br0derbund and what I consider to be the best action game for the Apple ][. This was probably one of the first games I got my hands on, and spent hours playing it in the computer room (albeit with keyboard, which is no fun). The game consists of five missions in which your craft must contend with balloon-shaped mines, superfast tanks that can actually outrun you (!), heat-seeking missiles, and superfast tanks with heat-seeking missiles! Things get pretty hairy in the last mission, and this video showcases some real acrobatics as I outmanoeuvre up to three missiles tailing me! Well worth watching!
Tumble Bugs (DataSoft 1982)
Also released as Dung Beetles on other platforms, this is yet another labyrinth 'n' monsters game, except the maze here is so large you need a magnifier which follows your muncher around while avoiding bugs of some sort who eat up your trail of... whatever. The gameplay is actually pretty unspectacular, until you run into one of the bastards and are rewarded with the digitised catchphrase "We gotcha!" Original in 1982, but amusing only for a while...

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