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Folklore e Bossa Nova do Brasil (1966)

Folklore e Bossa Nova do Brasil

I'm usually not partial to either jazz or the folklore of any particular culture, but this little gem from the 60s with its refreshing blend of traditional Brasilian and Bossa Nova elements is an exception. This recording gives the listener a raw taste of the original Bossa Nova before its commercial exploitation. The listening experience is particularly enhanced by the fact that the majority of the tracks are instrumental.

The album was recorded on 14th November 1966 at the Berliner Jazztage to accompany a documentary film shot during the event. The lineup of performers was handpicked to represent the cutting edge of the Brasilian music scene at the time. The material is equally well chosen, with a nice balance of upbeat and (in typically smooth 60s style) laid back tracks. Just for kicks, there's even a protest song of sorts. There are, however, two (consecutive) lame crooner tracks I usually skip if I happen to be within reach of the tonearm.

The cover art is a mosaic comprised of tiles depicting the performers doing their thing, interspersed with gratuitous shots of a Varig DC-8! The message here appears to be "yes, we hang on to our traditions, but we've also entered the jet age". The sub-message (as mentioned in the liner notes) is "sponsored by Varig". :^)

Curiously, this showcase of contemporary Brasilian music was recorded by a studio based in (of all places) Villingen in the Black Forest; MPS (Musikproduktion Schwarzwald) was known for its high production value, which is clearly evident on this recording. The sound quality could even be considered audiophile for its time.

This compilation was originally distributed on the SABA label in the 60s, and later by BASF in the 70s. The only CD release I'm aware of is an obscure 192kHz/24bit remastered Japanese import in mini-LP format.

This one's tough to find, but well worth hunting down!

Track Listing

  1. Macumba
  2. Uma Noite
  3. Tema pro Luis
  4. O Orvalho vem Caindo
  5. Barquinho
  6. Meu Fraco e Cafe Forte
  7. Discussao
  8. Upa Nequinho
  9. Dindi
  10. Pra Dizer Adeos
  11. Finale

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